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My latest Digikey Bill of Materials (Digi-Key BOM RevB, corrected quantity for inductors from RevA) for the rectangular board version of Cam84_v41 as described in [DIY] Astro CCD 16-bit Color 6Mpx Camera at CloudyNights.com. To use at www.digikey.com go to "My Digi-Key>BOM Manager>Upload File" and select the tab delimited option or "My Digi-Key>BOM Manager>Text File Import" and paste the text into the window. You will need to be logged into your Digi-Key account to access the BOM Manager. Please review and verify correctness before using. Currently still under review. Extra parts are included in some cases to exploit price breaks for multiple items. CXD1267AN-N is not available from Digi-Key. Also the CCD needs to be salvaged from a Nikon camera. Note it includes items not on the original BOM from the forum, including a case and power supply.


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Last updated 12/08/2015